The reasons for investing in real estate in Florida

Florida’s is Attractive on the Real Estate Market

Water Park Orlando– Prices very attractive building land in the current context

– The coast is at the heart of a vast urban development project

– Property development prospects unprecedented 50 500 houses planned over 10 years

– A destination coveted by new retirees and young families

– Two sectors selected Florida Suncoast destination: Cape Coral / Fort Myers and Port Charlotte / North Porth

– Orlando and its theme park (260 km 3h20 / Walt Disney, Paramount Studios, Seaworld, Cape Canaveral) Miami distance 225 km (2:30)
Real estate in the USA confirmed recovery in 2014, the US GDP grew at a level comparable to that of 2006. This indicator combined export boom, boost the US moving from a recovery phase to the expansion phase.

Why Florida for your investment in the US?

Florida the best stateFlorida is a peninsula 700 km southeast of the United States between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and includes strings of more than 4,500 islands and the Everglades Regional Park is a World Heritage Unesco. It is a paradise for boaters, water sports and fishing enthusiasts, with a great ocean lined white sand beaches (1930 km of beaches) and many canals, rivers, inland lakes.

Florida is one of the most visited US state: nearly 75 million annual visitors. Florida is the fourth most powerful state economically. Florida accounts for 43% of exports to the Southern South America, and its success is symbolized by the space industry with Cape Canaveral and NASA and finance with Miami.

Florida also stands as a major player in agricultural production and dynamism in the areas of research, biotechnology, healthcare and high technology.
La Florida “Sun coast” is a booming region is a paradise where life is good, and is presented as a real investment opportunity.

To meet a growing population, the authorities anticipate their near future by building appropriate infrastructure (universities, libraries, shopping malls, hospitals, sports complexes, hotels, highways, airports, etc ..).

Dynamic demographics in Florida and perspectives

Florida has a high population growth. Between 2001 and 2005, the Florida population increased by 15.20% against 6.40% for the US population. The average age of the population is 36 years.

By the end of 2015, there will be 76 million pensioners, 28% in Florida and 2/3 will come to Fort Myers and Cape Coral.
The choice and benefits of investing in land in Florida

Purchase price: very low compared to the euro

Country: United States (political stability, democracy)

State of Florida: very favorable economic conditions, developed infrastructure.

Original and concrete product, ancestral safe haven, land is serviced, not subject to the obligation to build in time, allowing to speculate on the value of the property legally

Yield: limited duration, yield very important, not taxable in France. Land prices in Cape Coral experienced annual price increase ranging from 13 regular and 19%. This performance is explained by the particularly rapid population growth facing the region.

Location: seaside, pleasant climate, dynamic development of the region, leisure environment, coveted region

Why buy land rather than an apartment?

Ownership of an apartment requires expenses of leasing and rental management as maintenance expense:

  • Between $ 150 and $ 250 for a studio
    Between $ 200 and $ 600 for a T1 apartment
    Between $ 350 and $ 1,000 for a T2 apartment

8% of annual rent: Tenant Management and rents (rent collection, payment of expenses for condominiums, management of potential work).

Property tax: 1.5% of the value of the property about to be paid once a year, this tax is the equivalent of the land and local tax)

Insurance 400 to $ 900 per year depending on the type of apartment.

What are you waiting to make a move in Florida?

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