The 5 Best Tips to Cleaning Your House for Smooth Inspections

‘First impressions count’, and in no situation is this mantra more evident than when trying to get a great deal on your house. You know that creating the right impression isn’t easy; you have to price it right, lighten it up and seriously deep clean it among other things. But if you get the cleaning bit right then getting the other things right should be a walk in the park.
Check out these five house cleaning tips to help your home make a good first impression.

1. De-clutter

get your house ready for inspectionsIf you are like most homeowners, your house will most probably have items that you no longer need taking up valuable space. Cleaning a house with distracting clutter is arduous. So before you get down to tidying up, go through the whole house from closets and drawers to cabinets and floorings taking out whatever you don’t need. Donate the old stuff and dispose of all damaged appliances and furniture. De-cluttering will leave the house spacious something that every buyer loves. And it will also make it easier to clean and keep it clean while on the market.

2. Create a Checklist

Organization is of great importance when deep cleaning house. Because unlike when doing regular cleaning, you will need to go a notch higher to make sure you impress potential buyers. Creating a checklist is the best way to ensure that nothing is left out.

Make a simple and exhaustive list of all the areas in your house starting from the entryway, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, laundry room, garage, etc. along with all the surfaces and items that need cleaning in all of those areas such walls, tiles, and countertops. Once you have made a list, you can now begin cleaning as you check off each item which will make for a seamless cleaning process.

3. Use steam cleaners

To deep clean your house till it’s in tip-top shape, you will need the right piece of technology. Traditional mobs will mostly disappoint on this task forcing you to expend a lot of energy not to mention that mobbed floors and surfaces take forever to dry. That’s where the steam cleaner (nettoyeurs vapeur pour la maison) comes in. It instantly eliminates all the disadvantages that go with traditional mobs and sprays. You will save on cleaning detergents and sprays; the floors will dry faster, and you will make your house shine exceptionally in readiness for the market. And if you have stubborn mould underneath your carpets, a steam cleaner is exactly what you need to eliminate them and sanitise all surfaces.

4. Use rugs and mats

To ready your house for those random, unexpected visits by buyers, rugs and mats are a handy option. Instead of leaving your entrances and flooring exposed to dirt and germs, consider having entry rugs and floor mats in critical areas of your house like living rooms and the kitchen. Rugs and mats keep entrances and floors clean by removing dirt and grime from shoes hence sparing you the need for random cleaning sessions. They also come in various colours and designs that will enhance the beauty of your house and lure buyers.

make sure you declutters these carpets

5. Paint Interior Walls

You might not have considered it, but painting interior walls could be what your house desperately needs for that fresh, captivating look. Using quality paints will not only curtail odours and fume but also reduce dust. On top of that, the painting will help you to de-personalize the house — because no buyer wants to live in a house that conforms to the interest of someone else. Painting your house in neutral shades will make it appealing to more buyers and give the eventual buyer an easier time personalising it to their unique tastes.

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