Key tips for improving the quality of your real estate services

An article about open houses was recently published by the US blog reference Inman News. This practice is widely used in English-speaking countries where all potential customers visit at the same time a property to sell in order to shorten the time of sale, generating interest among buyers and give them the impression that they are not the only ones interested. This technique is almost non-existent in Europe, some agents have recourse because of the many ask visits but this is rare and only concerns the rental. Getting back to the article, it puts forward four expert advice to improve the quality of open house visits:

– Show your knowledge of the area
– Invite the neighbors
– Be prepared almost “too” prepared
– Complete the drinks fridge

These ideas are interesting but clean enough to the American context. We could inspire us to improve our individual visits to Europe, which are sometimes a little too “light” for the presentation of goods and the level of information transmitted. Buyers are now very aware, so we must redouble our efforts to satisfy customers today. To do so, here are our four tips to score customers mind and ensure to make a sale:


Property visitsIn Europe, you would not go so far as to make a video about the neighborhood or offer chocolate bread bought at the bakery of the corner, it would even be misunderstood. By cons, everyone asks himself vis-à-vis the localization issues. Therefore, it may be convenient to discuss the topic, prepare a map of a good quality (minimum A4) on which would be placed:

The property for sale
Access to public transportation
Other points of interest such as recreation

In parallel, you might even have a tablet on a table with the Google Map application opened with the address of the property. This would allow visitors to make their own research on time to ask you questions and you answer them by removing certain bottlenecks. WARNING: Make sure to get the codes of the owner of the Internet connection! If there is no connection for any reason; use your 3G connection or planning a paper plane.


Much of buyers already living in the neighborhood for property for sale. It is adjacent to rent or seeking to expand or whose needs have evolved over time. The neighbors therefore a target should not be neglected. Further to our article on real estate advertising flyers please prepare a flyer upstream from the sale of the property and distribute it at the beginning of the sale 150-200 nearest neighbors. The ERA real estate network in Belgium has such a special mailing called “Magic” to alert the neighbors of the sale of a neighboring house. How to distribute this tract? In almost unanimously reflex will drop it in a mailbox but take the time to do this distribution yourself at least a few key people. You will be surprised that you will get back on the history of the item for sale on potential interested persons, etc.

Another idea similar to the agents who have a residents emails files, they can send an e-mailing announcing the sale. Must of course remain careful not to spam your contacts but assayed; it can be an effective way to inform a sale in the area and hope that this e-mailing or transferred to other people. Neighbors are always curious about life in the neighborhood, so it is very likely that these flyers or e-mails are well accepted.


Come well prepared for a visit, basically you never know what can be discovered on the property to sell at the time of a visit. Go ahead check that everything is in order, open all components to make the bright place, ventilate if necessary, etc. To be sure not to forget anything, prepare a “visits kit for the realtor” in which you put your list of items to check, a meter measuring the flyers you have prepared, tablet, some household products (if the scene were soiled during a visit to welcome the following clients), toilet paper (always useful if the property sold is empty), etc.


In the US, we could propose a drink and cookies. In other countries, buyers have the impression of being “bought”. For plan against some little touches that will make pleasant visit:

Coats: make sure that the doors coats are free to ask the coats visitors or there is a convenient place to do it.
Strollers: again if visitors come stroller, they must be allowed to drop easily from the start to avoid saying on arrival “This place is really not practical …”.
Traffic: visits are usually made with the agent and the buyer’s side 1-2 people or more times. You may find yourself quickly to be a small group and the traffic can be a bit tricky in places.

So plan to identify the areas of movement because the size of a dwelling is a subjective perception all, you only have to walk around furniture to move in a large space to feel that the space is small. You can be only advise to follow some rules of Home Staging to optimize the item for sale.
Refresh if the visit takes place in the summer without offering a glass of champagne, offering a cool drink of water can be a very good starting point for a visit. So remember to put the expenses a jug of water that is a nice and clean design.

Finally, be a good real estate agents as you know to be, that is to say, attentive and tuned to capture the needs of your buyers and therefore best meet their expectations. What other advice relative pros visits do you have to share to other real estate agents?

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