Drones in the real estate market : what is the future?

The evolution of drones

A drone, known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a remote aerodyne with a camera (the vast majority of the time), which was initially designed for the military. In November 1937, the United States successfully realize the first flight of an unmanned aircraft for military purposes to “monitor” and “information”.

Today, this device has greatly democratized; it has recently become a fad, sports, professional practices. They multiply in the sky and the trend is increasing. The drone of talk in all media; many professionals would like to use them for various reasons. What about real estate? That mask the apparent ease offered by mainstream drones?

Its use in the real estate sector

aerial views of a town in franceAt present, many realtors have heard of drones and some would use them to take aerial photos and videos, which remained out of reach of the property there is another 10 years apart the luxury real estate. The use of drone supply in some situations a clear interest: locate a house in an environment, providing an aerial view of a property, offer original views with, for example, the transition from outside to inside on a same plane or flying over a cliff terrace.
The discovery of a well thanks to the views taken by a drone is clearly an original approach that can enhance well as a beautiful villa by the sea. We can even introduce a drone inside a house. In some cases, if the indoor control is possible, which is not always the case, the drone can develop a large room with a beautiful high ceiling and a mezzanine for example, effectively restoring the effect of space and part of the volume.


For an estate agency:

The drone has many benefits for your real estate agency: new added value perceived by your customers, original photographs of very good quality and finally a virtual tour like no other.
This type of service is a plus to offer your sellers when taking an exclusive mandate for example. It is a way to highlight the quality of your services to differentiate you from your competitors.
We must bear in mind that the cost of drone quality shots limits its use to the properties of a relatively high value. However, this investment can have a real interest in the promotion of the agency; usually just a fine example by enhancing the knowledge and the image of the agency.

For customers:

The drone is a perfect device for prospective customers to discover sumptuous landscapes and unpublished both urban and rural surrounding the property for sale.
This virtual tour allows them to see a well 360 with surprising accuracy; which can only delight. Customers already feel at the scene, which can have a direct impact on the sale see sales as the images filmed by the drone are conducive to generate a good buzz.

Several points should be checked to choose your partner:

1. Fly a drone is not easy

Fly a drone request a passion that requires skills and regular practice. Look at the references of the driver to ensure that the pilot control well the tool.

2. Video editing makes all the difference

The steering is not the only qualification sought. Indeed, the driver must also be creative in making video editing or have a competent editor. The goal is to create a unique experience for future buyers by offering a virtual tour uncommon; simply take the height is not enough.

A possible future impact

The use of drones in real estate is very recent. With the development of devices and the prices become more affordable, we should see the proliferation of the use of drones by real estate agencies.
However, the key question remains: for what purpose and with what quality? It is essential that you choose an experienced professional who will offer your customers a unique virtual tour.

Do you already use a drone?

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