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Mistakes to Avoid To Succeed A Real Estate Investment

Buying a property to invest can be the most profitable action of your life. But it can also become a financial and emotional nightmare. I would, therefore, like to address in this article 8 some of the worst mistakes that can be made by investing in real estate, and suggest how to avoid them. Buying …

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Investing in real estate in the Netherlands will be less profitable.

real estate holland

According to the Dutch government agreement, the tax niche for companies investing in real estate in the Netherlands will disappear. What are the consequences for the Belgian CRSs WDP, Aedifica or Xior? Dutch brick will pay less. Taxation of companies investing in real estate in the Netherlands will become less favorable, according to the government …

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Understand the Real Value of your Home

know the value of your property

Figuring out the value of a residential property is an essential action of the home mortgage application process, be it a financing to acquire a residence or refinance lending. You could aid while doing so by giving your mortgage advisor precise and accurate details about your residence. Just how the current value of your residence …

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The reasons for investing in real estate in Florida

Welcome to Florida

Florida’s is Attractive¬†on the Real Estate Market – Prices very attractive building land in the current context – The coast is at the heart of a vast urban development project – Property development prospects unprecedented 50 500¬†houses planned over 10 years – A destination coveted by new retirees and young families – Two sectors selected …

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Mexico City : Buy Real Estate For Cheap


It is well known that some cities are overpriced. You pay a fortune to live in a closet. We went to see how people lived in some cities in the world, with up to half a million dollars. Unlike London and Paris, Mexico City is a city where you do not have to live in …

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Beware Of Property Ownership Rules In The USA!

Invest in the USA

A consulting firm specializing in real estate investment in the United States, My US Investment warns against rushing for a purchase “heart stroke” and recalls some key rules when it comes to renting or purchasing real estate in the US. It is important to take your time and be well informed about the rules of …

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