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Detroit: a city for the fearless investors

Michigan’s largest city, the cradle of the automobile industry in the United States, enjoyed its heyday in the early part of the 20th century, when Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler concentrated most of their production there. After the Second World War, the city began its decline. Detroit, with a population of 1.85 million in the …

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Mistakes to Avoid To Succeed A Real Estate Investment

Buying a property to invest can be the most profitable action of your life. But it can also become a financial and emotional nightmare. I would, therefore, like to address in this article 8 some of the worst mistakes that can be made by investing in real estate, and suggest how to avoid them. Buying …

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Investing in real estate in the Netherlands will be less profitable.

real estate holland

According to the Dutch government agreement, the tax niche for companies investing in real estate in the Netherlands will disappear. What are the consequences for the Belgian CRSs WDP, Aedifica or Xior? Dutch brick will pay less. Taxation of companies investing in real estate in the Netherlands will become less favorable, according to the government …

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The 5 Best Tips to Cleaning Your House for Smooth Inspections

you do no need to use a lot of chemicals

‘First impressions count’, and in no situation is this mantra more evident than when trying to get a great deal on your house. You know that creating the right impression isn’t easy; you have to price it right, lighten it up and seriously deep clean it among other things. But if you get the cleaning …

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What you should know before renting an apartment in Shanghai

real estate-shanghai

Whether you are looking for a flat to share or a place for your entire family, this article will offer you the keys to a successful home search in Shanghai. Types of housing in Shanghai Most of the expats in Shanghai live in  fully furnished high-end apartments. These flats are located in closed compounds that …

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