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Feichangzhai.net is a community blog for real estate professionals who are interested in new trends in the industry. Today, internet, new technologies or social networks are a great way to stay informed regarding real estate businesses. Our aim therefore is to support you in this matter delivering you a fresh look at the technologies and innovative practices in the industry.

Whether you are real estate agents, developers, agents, builders, architects, lawyers, marketers, managers and others interested in this area you will find on this blog all the keys to better understand and build your strategy in this business.

The founder and author of Feichangzhai.net

Jing-Ch'angFeichangzhai.net was launched in 2014 by Jing Ch’ang, a real estate entrepreneur determined to revolutionize the real estate industry of tomorrow. Jing his highly experienced and as be living in multiple countries such as Canada, France, Australia and now the USA. This community blog will be an opportunity for him to share his findings and ideas regarding real estate in 2014/2014 …

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